These Four Things

I’ve been training almost exclusively using the CrossFit methodology for almost 10 years now, but it’s debatable how well I actually applied that knowledge to myself.

1 arm snatch jhar1

On one side of that statement, I really feel like I should be further along at this point. On the other side of it, I’m in much better shape at 45 years old than I was at 35 years old.

Of all the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the past 7 years since earning my L1 CF Trainer status (L1 and L2 CF Trainer, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics), here are 4 things I wish I had known and done from the very beginning:

  1. nutrition: it can ALWAYS be better, and the more athletic the pursuit, the higher the necessity to dial-in what we put in our mouths
  2. mobility: move better; learn how to move, and do it BETTER every day
  3. gymnastics: I should BETTER understand my body’s position(s) in time and space, especially when attempting dynamic movement
  4. intensity: increased intensity with precision is VERY desirable before increasing resistance/loading

This is EXACTLY what CrossFit requires, if only I had paid better attention and not let my ego get in the way.

These four things are sufficient, brilliant, and challenging for ALL athletes regardless of their ability.

  • mechanics, consistency, THEN intensity
    and the”fitness pyramid” begins with nutrition at its base and grows from there… 1) nutrition; 2) intensity; 3) gymnastics; 4) power/strength; 5) sports

img 0146

Loading and heavier weights are SECONDARY to these four needs when considering a lifetime of fitness and health and overall general physical preparedness.



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