At CrossFit Throne, EVERYONE has athletic capacity; no matter their current ability, all persons can improve above their current physical limitations. CrossFit Throne opened it’s doors in 2012 to provide CrossFit’s world class strength and conditioning methodology. Since then, we have improved the health and fitness of ALL age groups and ALL body types. We are committed to helping YOU remove any chains that hold you back through CrossFit’s proven and direct coaching in nutrition, correct movement, relative intensity, strength, power, and mobility.


From the very beginning, improved health and fitness have remained secondary to overall well-being of our families and relationships. CrossFit Throne primarily provides value to your life and livelihood OUTSIDE of the gym. We have an amazing group of people here: we help each other in and out of the gym; we do not have any cliques; we don’t allow egos to impede training; and it is a SAFE place for you and your family with commiserate background checks on our staff. We have a kids room where your children can hang-out and watch a DVD or play with their tablet or toys while you get a sweat on.



9.26.2020 Workout Of the Day

9.26.2020 Workout Of the Day

"Viola" U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Alex Viola, 29, was killed Nov. 17, 2013, in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, from wounds caused by an improvised explosive device. Originally from Keller, Texas, Viola was an engineer assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group...

9.25.2020 Workout Of the Day

9.25.2020 Workout Of the Day

First… deadliftsThen… double-unders, GHD sit-ups ————————————————————— CrossFit Classes(5AM-12PM)(1PM-3PM)(415PM, 515PM) ————————————————————— New to CrossFit Throne? Message us for a free...



The Jesus WOD

The Jesus WOD

It’s Easter — even as death and illness from COVID-19 seems to hang over our society, the eternal and infinite gift of grace through Jesus Christ shines brightly. Every year, CrossFit Throne celebrates this time of year with the Jesus WOD. It is not a normal workout,...


Each of our coaches has a variety of experience and solid backgrounds in one aspect of fitness or another. They are professional “chain-removers” and “excuse-removers” who can help you get through the most difficult training sessions with a smile and a new appreciation of your capabilities, both mentally and physically. Our coaches have been through a variety of difficulties in their own training and/or remain in the fight everyday. Their perspectives and insights will guide you along the process.

You are rare and priceless! While pursuing your health and fitness, do not accept the mediocrity of joining a crowd and hiding in a large group. Your life is NOT cheap – start paying attention to what you must do in our proactive approach to health care. Each of our coaches knows and/or has fully experienced the challenges faced by our athletes and will
go the extra mile to ensure that YOU are not an option.


CrossFit Throne has almost quadrupled it’s facility from 2012 to our current location of almost 4,000 square feet! Every class has enough room for 15 athletes to fit safely and comfortably. We have a fully equipped facility to provide world class training: barbells, plates, pull-up rigs, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo-boxes, indoor rowing machines, benches, gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, dumbbells, speed ropes, GHDs, training bars. In addition, we offer two restrooms (one with a shower), an athletes lounge, and a kids area with a few toys, chalkboard, and DVD player.


If you want to be pushed to your limit and places you didn’t even know existed… CFThrone is where you need to be.
Kaci Franco

Great gym, great coaches. Everyone is super nice and the workouts are tough but easily scalable for all levels. Loved it for my drop in and defiantly will return when I’m in town.
Craig Osterman

Love the atmosphere! Members are friendly and welcoming. Coaches are great! It’s my second box home
Erika Chairez





5152 69th St #108,
Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 543-6359



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