At CrossFit Throne, EVERYONE has athletic capacity; no matter their current ability, all persons can improve above their current physical limitations. CrossFit Throne opened it’s doors in 2012 to provide CrossFit’s world class strength and conditioning methodology. Since then, we have improved the health and fitness of ALL age groups and ALL body types. We are committed to helping YOU remove any chains that hold you back through our CrossFit’s proven and direct coaching in nutrition, correct movement, relative intensity, strength, power, and mobility.

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From the very beginning, improved health and fitness have remained secondary to the overall well-being of our families and relationships. CrossFit Throne primarily provides value to your life and livelihood OUTSIDE of the gym. We have an amazing group of people here: we help each other in and out of the gym; we do not have any cliques; we don’t allow egos to impede training; and it is a SAFE place for you and your family with commiserate background checks on our staff. We have a kids room where your children can hang-out and watch a DVD or play with their tablet or toys while you get a sweat on.

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Coach Jon Harwood (CF Level 2 Trainer, CF KidsCF Gymnastics)

“I believe that EVERYONE is an athlete. God changed me in 2005: I stopped smoking, started training, and started paying attention to what I ate.  The subsequent physical, mental, and spiritual benefits are immeasurable. And now I want to pay the same gift forward. You don’t need to “get good with God” before you go to church; AND you don’t need to be fit before you take physical training seriously. Climb the mountain, dare to fail, and get back up, over and over again – you NEVER reach the top, and you find that the journey IS the result! ANYONE can do CrossFit – will YOU?”

Whit Pierce

Coach Whit Pierce (CF Level 1 Trainer)

As Whit continues to sharpen her coaching skills, she and her husband (and two boys) also train regularly at CrossFit Throne. She has a huge heart to help our athletes and continues to help them overcome many obstacles in their pursuit of fitness – particularly with regards to CrossFit Throne’s nutrition recommendations.

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Coach Darien Edwards (CF Level 1 Trainer)

Darien is on active duty with the reserves, wife, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and animal lover.

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Heather DeVore (Nutrition Coach, CF Level 1 Trainer, BSN, RNC-NIC, CLC)

Coach Heather has been training at CF Throne since 2017. Heather has found a passion for helping people with nutrition. She loves playing and learning the guitar. Heather and her husband have two daughters currently attending Talkington.

Alina Peredeyko

Coach Alina Peredeyko (CF Level 1 Trainer)

Coach Alina has been training with us for a few years and helps most of the afternoon classes, either as the coach or alongside the other athletes in the room. She is a scientist by trade and enjoys spending time with her son!



CrossFit Throne has almost quadrupled its facility from 2012 to our current location of almost 4,000 square feet! Every class has enough room for 15 athletes to fit safely and comfortably. We have a fully equipped facility to provide world-class training: barbells, plates, pull-up rigs, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo-boxes, indoor rowing machines, benches, gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, dumbbells, speed ropes, GHDs, training bars. In addition, we offer two restrooms (one with a shower), an athletes lounge, and a kids area with a few toys, a chalkboard, and a DVD player.


5152 69th St #108,
Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 543-6359

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