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While we love the athletes that make up our community, we understand that from time-to-time athletes may not need a full month of training. If you’re looking to shake-up your regular routine and find a new level of strength and intensity, stop by for a class. Our $20 Drop-In rate gets you in the door, warmed-up, and destroying a workout with world-class training among an incredible community of athletes.

$125 per month unlimited

Can’t get enough? Neither can we… get CrossFit Unlimited for $125 PER MONTH, and you’ll have total access to all CrossFit classes. And while we totally encourage good recovery between your workouts, it is completely acceptable for you to attempt more than one workout per day.

$220 a Month CrossFit FAMILY RATE

The family that trains together…. stays together! If you, your spouse, and kiddo want some great training while developing some solid family energy to last for years, sign up for our family rate. At $220 a month, the CrossFit Kids charge is already included, but even if you have more than one kid attending CrossFit Kids, the rate STAYS THE SAME.

$115 per month students/educators

We have a solid community of college students represented at CrossFit Throne. For $115 PER MONTH, you get the same world-class training as our regularly priced athletes.

$ 200 per month spouses/couples

In our experience, couples tend to achieve the best results when their significant other is also pursuing a higher level of fitness. We highly recommend couples to sign-up together to get the best results, and at a rate of $200 PER MONTH for both of you, it will be difficult for you not to acheive your goals!

CF Teens $95 per month

Imagine if someone had started YOU on a better path to fitness and fun when you were young. That’s exactly what we do at CF Teens. These classes have the ability to improve both kids’ and teenagers’ strength, endurance, and confidence. They have fun learning about fitness, nutrition, and a general array of athletic pursuits, and a great workout!
Monday, Wednesday, Friday for teens ($95 per month)

$105 per month
First Responders / Veterans /
Active Duty

First-Responders (LEO, firefighters, nurses, EMTs, etc) are highly appreciated here at CrossFit Throne. For $105 PER MONTH, you get the same world-class training as our regularly priced athletes.

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