Festivus Games

Festivus Int and Beginner

For the past several years, CrossFit Throne has partnered with Festivus Games to bring a world-class competition to Novice and Intermediate athletes who won’t make it to the CrossFit Games (or any of the associated sanctional events). But just because they won’t make it to a big stage doesn’t mean that only the big names get to have fun! This is the “Festivus for the Rest of Us!”

Athlete check-in begins at 07:30AM, Saturday morning. A general briefing will be held with all teams at 7:50AM and Event 1 begins shortly after 8AM. We are almost always done before 5PM, all events completed, scores available, finals workouts, podium announcements, photos, and all!

It’s a great opportunity for athletes to showcase what they are able to do with their fitness in a competitive AND family-friendly environment. We take our scores seriously and we take our community even more seriously. Encouragement and grit go hand-in-hand at CrossFit Throne and it is definitely a part of Festivus Games.

As you arrive at our facility for the competition, DO NOT park in our parking lot. Please use the bowling alley parking lot to the east of CrossFit Throne.

Click here to register for the competition or to become a sponsor and/or be a volunteer!


ONLY 3 spectators per competing athlete are allowed to attend this event.

ALL athletes must be asymptomatic at their appointed competition times or they will not be permitted to compete.

ALL equipment and spaces MUST be cleaned between each grouping of athletes — this may cause a slight delay between the heats.

<park in the bowling alley parking lot to the east of our facility>

We typically have food truck vendors on site to help support both the athletes and the spectators. They will also be parked in the bowling alley parking lot.


— we have two restrooms on site
— bring your chairs and tarps/tents
— food trucks will be onsite, but you are encouraged to bring your own food
— we have refrigerated drinks: Kill Cliff, FitAID, O2 Recovery, and NOOMA
— we HIGHLY encourage everyone to bring hand sanitizer

festivus sponsors 2020

EVENT Descriptions and Heats

Heat 1 – Female Masters/Novice… Many Trips Around the Sun, Will WOD for Beer
Event 1 08:05 AM
Event 2 10:45 AM
Event 3 12:15 PM
Event 4 02:40 PM

Heat 2 – Female Novice… Team Super Scrubs, Worst Game of Tag Ever
Event 1 08:25 AM
Event 2 10:55 AM
Event 3 12:32 PM
Event 4 02:55 PM

Heat 3 – Female Intermediate… Gainz Train, Mom Jeans, Obviously On Steroids
Event 1 08:45 AM
Event 2 11:05 AM
Event 3 12:50 PM
Event 4 03:10 PM

Heat 4 – Female Intermediate… Band of Mudders, Bar Babes, Train 4 Life
Event 1 09:05 AM
Event 2 11:15 AM
Event 3 01:10 PM
Event 4 03:25 PM

Heat 5 – Female Intermediate… Beast Friends, The Dirty Naughties
Event 1 09:25 AM
Event 2 11:25 AM
Event 3 01:27 PM
Event 4 03:40 PM

Heat 6 – Male Masters/Novice… CCCF, Throne MM
Event 1 09:45 AM
Event 2 11:35 AM
Event 3 01:45 PM
Event 4 03:55 PM

Heat 7 – Male Intermediate… 22 A Day, Flexual Healing, The Spouses
Event 1 10:05 AM
Event 2 11:45 AM
Event 3 02:02 PM
Event 4 04:10 PM

Heat 8 – Male Intermediate… All Pain No Gain, Broke and Breathless
Event 1 10:25 AM
Event 2 11:55 AM
Event 3 02:20 PM
Event 4 04:25 PM

Hold It. Karen’s With Annie?!
wall ball shots, double-unders (or single-udders), sit-ups
maximum front squat repetitions in remaining time

Benches Be Crazy.
rowing and then maximum bench press in remaining time

LUNCH 11:20AM-12:15PM

Event 3
Swing Your Partners Round and Round.
synchronized kettlebell swings
pull-ups (or ring rows) and burpee box overs

Event 4
Tons of Fun.
Maximum weight and repetitions of ground-to-overhead lifts

5152 69th St #108,
Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 543-6359



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