Festivus Games




Festivus Games is in its fourth year as THE worldwide functional-fitness competition for beginner, intermediate and masters Athletes (no fire-breathers allowed!).  On Saturday, April 21st, 2018 from 7:50AM (athlete check-in) until 5PM (after the Final Event), 10,000+ Athletes will compete Worldwide, all on the same day, in this one-day event. It will definitely include feats of strength!  CrossFit Throne is the exclusive host of the Festivus Games in West Texas.  All CrossFit gyms and area athletes are invited to participate!


No athlete, whether six months in or brand new, will need to scale ANY of the events. Festivus Games is about capacity more than a high degree of skill. Everyone can row… just how fast? Everyone can deadlift… just how much?

The NOVICE class is perfect for your first functional-fitness competition. The INTERMEDIATE class will challenge all but the best athletes. And a MASTERS class for those 45 and up!


This competition is designed for athletes who are new to competitions or who, for any number of reasons, are not at the Rx level or higher. The goal is to promote a friendly, yet competitive environment for those who wish to challenge themselves. This is not designed for fire-breather level athletes.

You are probably OVER QUALIFIED for the Festivus Games if you:

OR if you have competed in such events as CrossFit Regionals, Beast of The East, Garage Games, Fire Breather competitions, and any other elite level competitions, then you are OVER QUALIFIED. Please let those with less experience enjoy the spirit of the Festivus Games and display their own FEATS OF STRENGTH!


If at least four of these six guidelines are true for you then we suggest you go NOVICE. Otherwise we suggest you go INTERMEDIATE.

Remember, these are not absolutes. Just guidelines. If you match up with a majority of any of these choose that category.

Keep in mind… while this competition is VERY real, the environment is VERY inclusive of ALL athletes who are are NOT fire-breathers.  The name of the Festivus Games is drawn from a Seinfeld episode “a Festivus for the rest of us”.  In short, WORK HARD – HAVE FUN!


Athlete check-in is from 7:50AM-8:30AM, Saturday, April 21st, and the first heat begins at 8:45AM.  Given the number of athletes and judges, we should be done with all heats and events by 4:45PM – that includes a surprise 5th-and-final event (TBA) for the top finishers in each division.

Here is a quick overview of our Festivus Games schedule for April 21st, 2018:
NOTEEvent 4 Floating Event must be completed between 8:45AM and 3:30PM):

07:00AM-08:00AM               Judge/Volunteer Meeting
08:00AM-08:30AM               Athlete Check-In
08:45AM-10:15AM                 Event 1
10:30AM-12:15PM                 Event 2
12:15PM-1:15PM                     LUNCH
1:15PM-03:00PM                   Event 3
03:30PM-04:45PM                Final Event (TBA)
05:00PM                                  AWARDS CEREMONY
complete description of the events is listed on the Festivus Games website.

We are located just east of 69th and Slide Road. Please DO NOT park in front of the gym, and instead use the bowling alley parking lot next door.

Dr. Ryan Doss of Endurance Chiropractic and Sports Therapy will be at CrossFit Throne at 8AM to service the competitors and provide Kinesiology Tape (KT) for those needing it.  He will be there to answer any questions you have about treatment.  Dr. Doss will be taping as well, which will increase blood flow and circulation, while reducing injuries or pain. Not to mention, keep you doing what you love doing!  Dr. Doss utilizes a conservative, non-invasive approach to treat pain and/or injuries.

CrossFit Throne has some things that you might purchase (Advocare Rehydrate, FitAID, AdvoBars, KillCliff).  We are also have a reverse osmosis water fountain for FREE.

PLEASE BRING YOUR COOLERS, FOOD, SNACKS, AND DRINKS… we will attempt to have SOME on-hand, but there are no guarantees.