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  • Getting Started: A New Thing
    Apr 14

    Getting Started: A New Thing

    The FINAL two installments of Keela’s blogging experience with CrossFit are not fair to read separately… these might touch your heart in a way you didn’t…

  • Getting Started: Just CrossFit Things
    Apr 14

    Getting Started: Just CrossFit Things

    “The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.The greatest adaptation to CrossFit <sic. training methodology> takes place between the ears.” – Greg Glassman (founder and CEO of CrossFit) As anyone who…

  • Getting Started: Debunking Myths
    Mar 15

    Getting Started: Debunking Myths

    For every person who doesn’t consider themselves an athlete, and for every 50 people who have laughed and/or grimaced watching “gym fails” or “CrossFit fails” videos,…

  • Getting Started: Capability
    Mar 09

    Getting Started: Capability

    Athletic ability and improvement is apparent in ANY CrossFit environment, and we see our athletes become more and more capable EVERY DAY at CrossFit Throne….

  • Getting Started: Culture
    Mar 04

    Getting Started: Culture

    It’s always interesting to see how new athletes view CrossFit Throne. Sometimes, their feedback is very short and/or abbreviated as we walk through warm-ups or…

  • Getting Started: Comradery
    Feb 24

    Getting Started: Comradery

    Keela is back this week with more insight into her first month of CrossFit. We’ve all been new to this, and sometimes I still feel…

  • Getting Started: Confidence
    Feb 14

    Getting Started: Confidence

    Keela Cooper, a graduate student at Texas Tech University, has agreed to share her experiences as a newly discovered athlete as a guest blogger with…