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    Nov 09


    Last night was ROUGH, and this morning came TOO early. STRUGGLE. Some days are better than others, but sometimes the entire day/week/month/year seems to DRAG by slowly….

  • Getting Started: A New Thing
    Apr 14

    Getting Started: A New Thing

    The FINAL two installments of Keela’s blogging experience with CrossFit are not fair to read separately… these might touch your heart in a way you didn’t…

  • Getting Started: Just CrossFit Things
    Apr 14

    Getting Started: Just CrossFit Things

    “The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.The greatest adaptation to CrossFit <sic. training methodology> takes place between the ears.” – Greg Glassman (founder and CEO of CrossFit) As anyone who…

  • Getting Started: Debunking Myths
    Mar 15

    Getting Started: Debunking Myths

    For every person who doesn’t consider themselves an athlete, and for every 50 people who have laughed and/or grimaced watching “gym fails” or “CrossFit fails” videos,…

  • Getting Started: Capability
    Mar 09

    Getting Started: Capability

    Athletic ability and improvement is apparent in ANY CrossFit environment, and we see our athletes become more and more capable EVERY DAY at CrossFit Throne….

  • Getting Started: Culture
    Mar 04

    Getting Started: Culture

    It’s always interesting to see how new athletes view CrossFit Throne. Sometimes, their feedback is very short and/or abbreviated as we walk through warm-ups or…

  • Getting Started: Comradery
    Feb 24

    Getting Started: Comradery

    Keela is back this week with more insight into her first month of CrossFit. We’ve all been new to this, and sometimes I still feel…

  • Getting Started: Confidence
    Feb 14

    Getting Started: Confidence

    Keela Cooper, a graduate student at Texas Tech University, has agreed to share her experiences as a newly discovered athlete as a guest blogger with…

  • 4th Annual Nutrition Fair – 2016
    Aug 01

    4th Annual Nutrition Fair – 2016

    REGISTER TODAY! LOOK at the first 20 words here… When Greg Glassman (the founder and CEO of CrossFit) originally authored this, CrossFit was VERY new. Please…

  • Team Nate
    Jul 10

    Team Nate

    We have been working with Nate Mastin since our doors opened. He and his wife, Cohee, have poured their lives, resources, time, and love into…