Dash and Smash


Every day at 530PM, CrossFit Throne is accepting the FIRST 12 ATHLETES to arrive for a 30 minute class… the only exceptions: 1) it is not open to visitors; 2) it is not open to athletes new to CrossFit.

During the 30 minutes, athletes will go through a dynamic warm-up, some technical instruction regarding the day’s workout, a quick training session, and immediate cool down.  At that point, the training session can be over and done with.  It’s fast enough to help busy people, parents, and/or spouses get their sweat on and back to their lives.

At 6PM, our normal full-hour classes go back into action, PLUS… any athlete who completes the Dash+Smash may choose to stick around and join the 6PM class for the skill and/or strength work, and then head-out before the metabolic conditioning begins for the next class.

Email jon@cfthrone.com if you want in, but not quite sure if you’re ready.