For one week every month, CrossFit Throne offers an introductory and/or basics-assessment class – CF101.  The class is four days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 6PM.  Athletes should plan on spending an hour each evening warming-up, learning better movement patterns, improving their overall training knowledge, having fun, getting out of their comfort zone, and maybe even getting a little sweat.  We do not require our athletes to take this class, but it has been VERY effective at helping newer athletes understand CrossFit training and apply it towards their goals.


Additionally, we’ll go over some nutritional and hydration basics.  Learning how to put better fuel in your tank highly improves your athletic performance.

This is a great way to get in, get familiar with the movements, the terms, our environment, and our coaching staff!

Email OR message us on FaceBook if you’re interested in attending.  You MUST schedule your session prior to arriving at the CrossFit 101 classes.

BONUS: The 4-day session is $90, AND it pays you through the end of the month – NO CONTRACT REQUIRED.

2016 Schedule:
January 4th – 7th
February 1st – 4th
March 7th -10th
April 4th – 7th
May 2nd – 5th
June 6th – 9th

July 11th – 14th
August 1st – 4th
September 5th – 8th
October 3rd – 6th
November 7th – 10th
December 5th – 8th