Getting Started


The good news Part 1: ANYONE can do CrossFit.  What you may have seen in the media may NOT necessarily be CrossFit.
The good news Part 2: YOUR FIRST WEEK IS FREE!

The bad news: CrossFit removes illusions.  If you thought you had reached the pinnacle of fitness – we have some challenges for you.  If you thought that you couldn’t do any athletic endeavor, then we’ll show you what you CAN do.

EVERYONE needs to know how to move better – olympic lifters, grandmothers, doctors, police officers, stay-at-home moms, etc. Athletic prowess differs by intensity of movement… NOT kind.

Before arriving and jumping into a training session with us, here are some things you should expect from us:


Here are some things we think might help you enjoy your FREE WEEK with us:

We are located near South Loop 289, just east of Slide Road on 69th Street.

If you (and/or someone you love) are ready for a PERMANENT life-change, then drop by, contact us on Facebook, send an email (, and/or give us a call today (806-543-6359)!! If you’d like to wade into the water before jumping in, then check out our CF101 OR our Couch to CrossFit programs!