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  • 12.21.2013 WOD
    Dec 21

    12.21.2013 WOD

    Toys For Tots WOD The Twelve Pains of CrossFit (9AM and 11AM ONLY) wall walk, box jumps, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, ring dips, sit-ups, sumo deadlift…

  • 12.20.2013 WOD
    Dec 20

    12.20.2013 WOD

    TOYS FOR TOTS WOD SATURDAY @ 9AM and 11AM CrossFit Classes First… push press Then… pull-ups, double-unders, walking overhead lunges, push press Treat? Samson Strength…

  • 12.19.2013 WOD
    Dec 19

    12.19.2013 WOD

    CrossFit Classes First… front squats Finish with… push-ups, box jumps, kettlebell swings, toes-to-bar, wall balls Samson Strength (520AM ONLY) back squat, hang-clean & jerk CrossFit…

  • 12.18.2013 WOD
    Dec 18

    12.18.2013 WOD

    12.18.2013 WOD   CrossFit Classes First… snatch Then… snatch and burpees Finish with… squats   Samson Strength (520AM ONLY) back squats and hang snatch ladder…

  • 12.17.2013 WOD
    Dec 17

    12.17.2013 WOD

    CrossFit Classes First… deadlifts and hang cleans Then… hang cleans Finish with… deadlifts, pull-ups, sit-ups, double-unders Samson Strength (520AM ONLY) bench press, clean & jerk…

  • 12.16.2013 WOD
    Dec 16

    12.16.2013 WOD

    CrossFit Classes First… strict press, push press, and jerks Then… sit-ups, push-ups, and wall balls Samson Strength (520AM ONLY) bench press, snatch ladder CrossFit Endurance…