Category 'WODs'

  • 12.9.2014 WOD
    Dec 09

    12.9.2014 WOD

    CrossFit Classes (6AM-11AM + 530PM-730PM) First… running Then… front squats, bar muscle-ups

  • 12.6.2014 WOD
    Dec 06

    12.6.2014 WOD

    “Sham” Air Force Staff Sgt. David “Sham” Wieger, 28, of North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania—a special agent for the Air Force of Special Investigations, Detachment 303, Travis…

  • 12.3.2014 WOD
    Dec 03

    12.3.2014 WOD

    CrossFit Classes (6AM-11AM + 530PM and 630PM) First… double-unders Then… rowing OR burpees OR sumo deadlift high-pulls Treat?

  • 11.22.2014 WOD
    Nov 21

    11.22.2014 WOD

    “Anna” Anna and Will Young have a beautiful 4 1/2 year old Millie and 2 year old Hub.  Anna Young is a CrossFit athlete in Lubbock,…

  • 11.21.2014 WOD
    Nov 21

    11.21.2014 WOD

    CrossFit Classes (6AM-11AM + 530PM) First… double-unders Then… box jumps, chest-to-bar, kettlebell swings, walking lunges, knees-to-elbow, push-press, supermans, wall balls, burpees, and triple-unders

  • Nov 16

    11.17.2014 WOD

    CrossFit Classes (6AM-11AM + 530PM-730PM) First… front squats Then… “300” pull-ups, push-ups, box jumps, deadlifts, kettlebell clean & press, floor-wipers Olympic Lifting Lab (730PM) #moviemonday

  • 11.15.2014 WOD
    Nov 15

    11.15.2014 WOD

    “White” U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ashley White, 24, of Alliance, Ohio, assigned to the 230th Brigade Support Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, North Carolina…

  • 11.11.2014 WOD
    Nov 11

    11.11.2014 WOD

    Veterans Day CrossFit Classes (6AM-11AM + 6PM-8PM**) “Armistice” First… sprints, sit-ups, air squats Then… sprints, push-ups, box jumps **WE ARE CELEBRATING VETERANS DAY WITH TEAM RWB FROM 6PM-8PM.

  • 11.8.2014 WOD
    Nov 08

    11.8.2014 WOD

    “Rocket” Army Sgt. 1st Class Aaron “Rocket” Henderson, 33, of Houlton, Maine—assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)—died Oct. 2, 2012, at…

  • 11.5.2014 WOD
    Nov 05

    11.5.2014 WOD

    CrossFit Classes (6AM-11AM + 530PM-730PM) First… handstand holds Then… dumbbell shoulder presses, pull-ups, dips