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  • July UPDATE
    Jun 30

    July UPDATE

    Hola!  You guys have been digging DEEP over the past month, and we are VERY inspired by your progress.  The regular stories of smaller clothing sizes,…

  • Jun 02

    June UPDATE

    Hello, Summer! I don’t know about you guys, but my family is VERY glad to have the school year behind us.  Yvonne and our three…

  • May Update
    May 02

    May Update

    Summer is here – or at least just around the corner, and I have several updates for you! May Birthdays Seth Perez, Todd Smith, Nick Simpson, Blake…

  • April UPDATE
    Apr 07

    April UPDATE

    WOW!  The 2014 CrossFit Open is DONE! And I am humbled and honored by our 19 athletes that fought through 5 grueling weeks of workouts….

  • Jesus WOD 2014
    Mar 26

    Jesus WOD 2014

    Every Easter season, many CrossFit boxes and/or churches around the world host what is called the Jesus WOD. The Jesus WOD is done as a…

  • Olympic Lifting Classes!
    Mar 13

    Olympic Lifting Classes!

    OLYMPIC LIFTING CLASSES BEGIN MONDAY MARCH 17TH @ 730PM Coach Lauri has been certified to train Olympic lifting by CrossFit HQ, and she’s now holding…

  • Mar 01

    February UPDATE

    Hello! February has been an incredible month for CrossFit Throne!  We’ve added several new members, added two new coaches, gained some equipment, enjoyed central heating…

  • Toys For Tots WOD – DONE!
    Dec 20

    Toys For Tots WOD – DONE!

    Last Saturday at 9AM and again at 11AM, we pulled together for the kids in our community! Around 15 athletes brought their Christmas cheer, and…

  • Holiday Schedule 2013

  • December Update
    Dec 16

    December Update

    If you can believe it, December is here, and 2013 is closing!  I hope this season is giving you time to reflect and consider the…