Nov 09

Last night was ROUGH, and this morning came TOO early.



Some days are better than others, but sometimes the entire day/week/month/year seems to DRAG by slowly.


And NOTHING I do can lessen the immediacy of my STRUGGLE today.

A video has circulated saying to make my bed every morning – so I can start with something right that helps my day end on a good note. It’s a good video, and the man speaking seems to have succeeded in MANY ways that I have not. So, what if I FORGET to make my bed… OR don’t have time? When/if I make it back for bedtime, does that mean I CANNOT end the day well?

Things could be MUCH worse. I am NOT STARVING. I am not without my BASIC needs: water, food, clothing, shelter, HUMANITY.

And yet…


Another day goes by, and another… and another… and ANOTHER… AND ANOTHER. And I continue to…


Some things become easier… like remembering to set my alarms and wake-up on time.

Some days, I even try making my bed.

On good days, I remember to INTENTIONALLY love my spouse and our kids. Because it’s TOO EASY to just love them in my head. Love them without engagement. Love them without saying it. Love them without holding them. Love them without listening to them.


So instead of taking the easy way out… STRUGGLE. Find something you cannot do and work HARD at doing it BETTER.


When I’m not paying attention, I can mistakenly think that my struggle is a sign of weakness, failure, and inability.


STRUGGLE for what matters.

And be STRONGER for the effort.


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  1. Murry

    November 9, 2017

    Grateful for Coach!!


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