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Apr 14

“The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.The greatest adaptation to CrossFit <sic. training methodology> takes place between the ears.” – Greg Glassman (founder and CEO of CrossFit)

As anyone who has begun training seriously will tell you, the way you look at things (yourself, other people, distances, random objects) begins to change. For example:

  1. That bed doesn’t look so heavy… I bet I could deadlift that!
  2. GPS is telling me that I need to turn in another 400 feet… how long would it take me to run that distance?
  3. That person looks pretty fit, I wonder how much they can power clean?

Here is Keela’s latest installment reviewing the “greatest adaptation”!


Keela Cooper, a graduate student at Texas Tech University, has agreed to share her experiences as a newly discovered athlete and as a guest blogger with us here at CrossFit Throne.

Here us is a link to her first post dealing with CONFIDENCE… take a look!

She also wrote about COMRADERY – you cannot train at Throne and remain alone in your struggle!

Keela’s 3rd installment offered her perspective of the CULTURE at CrossFit Throne.

CAPABILITY grows quickly given the right stimulus. Keela’s 4th week revealed some awesome new capabilities!

Keela discussed some CrossFit MYTHS and/or exaggerated misconceptions she had before training with us!

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