Getting Started: Debunking Myths

Mar 15

For every person who doesn’t consider themselves an athlete, and for every 50 people who have laughed and/or grimaced watching “gym fails” or “CrossFit fails” videos, one of them might come to CrossFit Throne, and that person immediately realizes that the stigma and ridicule that often gets thrown at CrossFit is very misplaced.

  1. We promote good form before loading – every time – no options.
  2. Egos are not inflated at CrossFit Throne, they are destroyed.
  3. This is a drama-free zone.

Keela’s installment this week adds to the list. Any myths and/or exaggerated misconceptions she had before training with us are now thankfully gone!


Keela Cooper, a graduate student at Texas Tech University, has agreed to share her experiences as a newly discovered athlete and as a guest blogger with us here at CrossFit Throne.

Here us is a link to her first post dealing with CONFIDENCE… take a look!

She also wrote about COMRADERY – you cannot train at Throne and remain alone in your struggle!

Keela’s 3rd installment offered her perspective of the CULTURE at CrossFit Throne.

Capability grows quickly given the right stimulus. Keela’s 4th week revealed some awesome (and surprising) new capabilities!

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