Getting Started: Capability

Mar 09

Athletic ability and improvement is apparent in ANY CrossFit environment, and we see our athletes become more and more capable EVERY DAY at CrossFit Throne. But the capabilities often missed by those looking from the outside, are the changes that athletes are able to make in their lives OUTSIDE of the gym. This week, Keela takes a look at how her capabilities have grown since she began training with us.

While Keela may be in a rare group that has gone so far as to cancel her Netflix account (WOW!), many of her other newfound capabilities are also amazing examples of how training with us can improve your life!


Keela Cooper, a graduate student at Texas Tech University, has agreed to share her experiences as a newly discovered athlete and as a guest blogger with us here at CrossFit Throne.

Here us is a link to her first post dealing with CONFIDENCE… take a look!

She also wrote about COMRADERY – you cannot train at Throne and remain alone in your struggle!

Keela’s 3rd installment offered her perspective of the CULTURE at CrossFit Throne.

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