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Mar 04

It’s always interesting to see how new athletes view CrossFit Throne. Sometimes, their feedback is very short and/or abbreviated as we walk through warm-ups or recover at the end of a training session. Most of the feedback is visual – we can see athletes changing: getting stronger, pushing further, recovering quicker, dropping body-fat, and they might even smile in the middle of a nasty sweat session (instead of turning gray).

Keela presents the 3rd round of her unique perspectives on what we have here at CrossFit Throne, and we continue to be honored by her insight. Take a look at her latest on The Wind and the Waves: CULTURE.


Keela Cooper, a graduate student at Texas Tech University, has agreed to share her experiences as a newly discovered athlete and as a guest blogger with us here at CrossFit Throne.

Here us is a link to her first post dealing with CONFIDENCE… take a look!

She also wrote earlier this year about COMRADERY – you cannot train at Throne and remain alone in your struggle!

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