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BACKGROUND: Nate Mastin was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor early Spring 2016. He has undergone chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and is beginning a clinical trial at MD Anderson beginning later this year, February 2017. Over the past 10 years, he has poured out his heart and resources to countless families across West Texas and beyond. He and his wife Cohee are the proud parents of 2 sons and 2 daughters.


The athlete found himself walking into a vacant class early in the Spring. Back when we didn’t always have walls without holes.


Only a cold room, a cold whiteboard, and an oddly enthusiastic coach to greet him. Nate re-read the dreaded words on the whiteboard… “Karen” = 150 wall ball shots for time; take a 20# ball, squat with it, throw it to a 10 foot target, catch it, and repeat… one hundred and fifty times.

Nothing to do, but to do it… and he did. No cheering crowds of his peers, and no support (outside of his coach) as he suffered deeply for the last 20 shots. When done, Nate laid down… letting the fog of his heat drift to the ceiling. “That sucked”.

As they spoke in half-sentences of the work done and the state of the world, Nate’s color returned, and he picked-up the ball (and the one left behind by the previous class) to place them back on the stand.


Every time he was asked to carry a load, he did it… that day and others… nothing to do, but to do it.

We don’t get stronger by passing-up an opportunity to struggle, and Nate knows.


And the bonds of brotherhood formed with other like-minded souls. They did not enjoy the seemingly endless ways to struggle, but they shared a common bond in sweat (and occasionally blood); and it was paid for with results: better minds, better hearts, better bodies, better souls.

MeganNate2 Nate-Bull

Nate pushed harder because he knows, pushing harder makes US push harder – and we ALL get stronger together; iron sharpens iron. Friendships forged, strength built, community abounding, and there is always more to the story.


Let’s push one more time… for Nate. Not because it’s easy, but because it makes us stronger and better.


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