Team Nate

Jul 10


We have been working with Nate Mastin since our doors opened. He and his wife, Cohee, have poured their lives, resources, time, and love into everyone around them for as long as we have known them (even before CrossFit Throne was a dream).

Earlier this year, Nate Mastin was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

We launched a t-shirt campaign that has, so far, generated more than $11K of support for Nate and his family as they walk through this trial: travel to-and-from various hospitals, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, medications, doctors visits, time with family, and any-and-all un-expected bumps in the road along their journey.

teamnate          teamnate2

Due to the amazing out-pouring of love for this awesome family, many who did not get a shirt purchased the first time have asked that we re-open the campaign.

Click here to purchase your Team Nate t-shirt.



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