Summer Special 2016!

Jul 08


It’s time to change YOUR health! The secret is: you CAN do it on your own!


There are many avenues to improve your health and fitness online. ANYONE has access to the information. ANYONE could follow training videos.

What we offer at CrossFit Throne: an encouraging community, accountability, the equipment and space to do the work, and some VERY good coaches to ensure you’re BEST is given during each 1-hour training session. ANYONE can train… will YOU? SIGN-UP TODAY!

CrossFit Throne’s goal is and has always been YOUR success. We offer 12 hours of class every weekday, we offer 2 hours of Open Gym every day, our nutrition recommendations are FREE and available online, and we offer the basics in a week-long walk-through called CF101 EVERY month. For parents who need to bring their kids, we have an air conditioned (or heated) children’s room available for them to watch DVDs, play games, or read books. For kids that want to train, we offer CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens!


In other words, if you started making excuses, CrossFit Throne’s business is helping you remove them!

CrossFit Throne coaches are consistently challenged to learn new information to help ALL athletes. Our coaches make it their business to be about improving flexibility, strength, coordination, power, endurance, stamina, accuracy, agility, and balance for EVERYONE. Athleticism varies by degree, not kind – EVERYONE, from grandmothers to Olympic lifters, needs to know how to pick something up off the ground. EVERYONE is an athlete!

This month and next, we are offering a special to NEW members. What’s required:

  1. read our Getting Started page
  2. complete our CF101 course (July 11th-14th or August 1st-5th) SIGN-UP TODAY!
  3. train 3-4 days per week (or MORE)
  4. follow our nutrition recommendations

NO contracts required. NO gimmicks. NO supplements.

Normally, CF101 runs $90, BUT for the first 15 people to sign-up, it only costs $75 (the price includes CF101 and training for the entire month). SIGN-UP TODAY!

As mentioned, we are offering this for a limited time to the first 15 new members signing-up to train with us for the month of July. Your monthly rate starts at $75… and stays at $75 – no contract required! SIGN-UP TODAY!

Contact Jon @ 806-543-6359 or email him if you have any questions!

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