3rd Annual Nutrition Fair (+ Endurance Seminar)

Aug 17

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LOCATION: CrossFit Throne – 5152 69th Street Suite 108, Lubbock, TX 79424
DATE: Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
               10AM-12PM NUTRITION FAIR
COST: FREE for existing members – guests may attend via a DONATIONS ($1 minimum)

On Saturday, August 22nd, CrossFit Throne is hosting an Endurance Seminar and our 3rd Annual Nutrition Fair.  After giving all attendees the most up-to-date and current information on running and endurance, we’ll provide you with our BEST nutritional information.

Coach Darryl’s CrossFit Endurance Certification will not only help you be better able to run, but you will also learn how to better pace yourself through a training session so that you have plenty of energy to finish strong!

After the Endurance training, we’ll have a brief presentation to go over some of the basic nutritional information that we have learned and grown with over the years.  That will be immediately followed by a general Q&A session with our panel to answer any questions and provide you with real-life experience and insights to improving your nutrition.

One of the single most powerful changes that has impacted my overall health and fitness is nutrition.  Nutrition is POWERFUL.  It has arguably made a larger impact on my overall well-being than the thousands of burpees, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, meters of rowing and running, etc, etc.  So many people ask me about paleo diets, zone diets, starch diets, the Daniel diet, blood-type diets, etc… and it’s always easier to present one answer once to everyone instead of saying the same thing 100 times a year.

The most powerful side of this – is that the information is FREE.  If you never step foot in another gym, never buy another supplement, never buy another product that promises to get you “fit”, then you will still learn what I’ve found.  The TRUTH about fitness and health is out there, available to the public at large, and it is absolutely FREE to anyone who wants to know.

Some initial disclaimers:

  1. We have some great panel members  – one of which holds a degree in nutrition.  All of us are REAL people who have tried what’s FREE and/or AVAILABLE in the marketplace/internet… we have experience in our own lives and in the lives of our families and our communities.
  2. CRAZILY OVERSTATED (and somewhat sarcastic) DISCLAIMER: the information provided is basically ONLY information – in order to actually lose weight, attendees must apply it to their lives.

The day starts early with an 8AM seminar on Endurance which should be done by 10AM.  From 10AM – 12PM, we’ll host the Nutrition Fair.

Feel free to contact jon@cfthrone.com or call 806-543-6359 for more information.

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