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Nov 26

It has been a whirlwind ride over the past two months – so much so, that this post is a little late.  So we’re covering two months.  We cannot emphasize how DIFFICULT it is to single-out one or two athletes each month when each and every one of you is laying it on the line through some very difficult workouts.  Please know that the rest of the world seems weak, soft, and uncommitted compared to the awesome souls, hearts, and athletes we get the privilege to coach during EVERY SINGLE CLASS day-in and day-out.

The below athletes have put forth tremendous effort, and while ALL of our athletes have been pushing VERY hard since the end of Summer, these 4 seemed to stand out to the coaches.


For September, the Athletes of the Month are Murry Sandlin and Veronica Soliz.

For October, the Athletes of the Month are Jed Leibbrandt and Hannah Fields.


Murry Sandlin has really stepped-up his game of late, and we’re honored to have him at CrossFit Throne.  He’s been here since the beginning, and he has made some incredible improvements as an athlete – he’s already a GREAT guy.  Coach Scott says, “Murry brings so much to our community, and he has an amazing work ethic. He also has a great since of humor.  He’s the kind of guy who during the middle of a tough workout can crack a joke and cheer his fellow athletes even if the WOD is killing him.  He has amazing character, and he is always looking for ways to help another person out.  We are lucky to have Murry at our gym and as a part of our community.”

When we asked his wife, Michelle, for some input, she had this to say, “Murry Sandlin is the most caring, giving and spiritual man I have ever known.  Any time Murry receives a phone call from someone needing help, he immediately reaches out a hand.  And, might I add, he gets those types of phone calls daily.  In the past 10 years that I have known Murry, he has always had a love for staying healthy and keeping in good physical condition.  He considers CrossFit Throne an extension of his family!”

We are honored to have you with us, Murry – you are VERY MUCH a part of our family here at CrossFit Throne!  Congrats, Murry!


While I’m excited to announce that Veronica Soliz recently earned her Level 1 CrossFit Training certificate, that is not why she was selected as September’s AOTM.  As some of you recall, she was already named AOTM earlier this year; however, she redoubled her efforts in September, and it was difficult for the coaches to not recognize her renewed energy.  When we asked her sister Monica about Veronica’s renewed efforts, she had plenty to say:

From the day I returned to Lubbock, Veronica dragged me to “the box,” her LOVE!  All she could talk about was CrossFit and when I would come home I could see the change.  And I noticed… not just the change in her body, but also the change in her confidence.

She started going 5 days a week, and I realized she was hooked.  She wanted me to come with her, “just try it you will love it!”  Her confidence has increased, and her fight is like no other.  She is so positive, and she really keeps athletes around her motivated.  She is an inspiration to me – and she has made me a believer that you can weather the storm and fight for everything you want in life and you don’t have to believe the lies.

She is my reason for fighting through; I can only hope to be like her one day (with half the drive)! 

If I were to look up “beast” in the dictionary, I might just see my sister deadlifting!

We have actually inquired with Webster’s Dictionary to see if they might add a picture of Veronica deadlifting next to the word “beast” in their next publication!  Congrats, V!


Hannah Fields does not make it to CrossFit Throne every day, and there are some weeks where we do not see her, but make no mistake, Hannah put some SERIOUS effort into her training in October as she went from a “short 5 kilometer jog” to registering for the 50K Palo Duro Trail Race – increasing from about 3 miles to just over 31 miles!!  We could not be more proud of how far she’s come in such a short time!  To get some insight and background from one of Hannah’s long-time friends, we asked Macy Martinez for her thoughts.

Hannah, in a few words, is a strong, intelligent, beautiful, and humble woman.  She is so strong and her persistence is very inspiring.  It’s one thing to be physically strong and another to be mentally strong, and she has BOTH.  She has such a huge heart and and always a smile on her face.  She works out hard and pushes herself constantly while always cheering others on and that’s what makes her an amazing athlete.

This has been our experience, too.  Congratulations, Hannah!


Jed Leibbrandt has found another level lately – not only are his lifts increasing, but his mobility and range-of-motion are much improved!  We asked Meagan for some insight to Jed’s experience at CrossFit Throne over the past few months.

Jed has grown so much since he started here with me in July.  His strength has skyrocketed, and his mobility has gotten ten times better.  He pushes me to come everyday whether I want to or not.  He’s a great guy and a great athlete, and he has no idea how strong he is.  It is so awesome to be able to workout with my better half and watch him improve on a daily basis!

We totally agree – Jed is stronger than he knows, and is getting better every day.  It’s an honor to watch you grow and learn!  Congrats, Jed!

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