July Athlete of the Month – Jennie Miller and Nate Mastin

Sep 11



Congratulations to Nate Mastin and Jennie Miller for being the CrossFit Throne July Athletes of the Month.  July is HOT, and it is easily the BEST time of year to kick back and enjoy the weather, food, and family vacations.  Especially when you’ve been working some long hours (like Nate) OR when you are recently married (like Jennie).

Both of these athletes renewed their intensity, dedication, and consistency at the box during July and they experienced some incredible results!  Not only did they benefit, but everyone around them became inspired and worked just a little harder for the next level, too!

We asked around about Nate Mastin, and this is what we received…

“Nate is one of those guys that is the epitome of the work hard play hard.  He’ll make you crack-up one minute and be kicking your butt at a workout the next. What’s even more talented is that he can do both simultaneously!” – Fabian Franco

“When I met Nate 13 years ago, he had just finished playing college football and was in excellent shape. He completely stopped working-out after that until 2 years ago when he joined Crossfit Throne.  Since that time, he has become stronger and leaner, has a lot more energy, and is even hotter than the day I met him:) He works 12-14 hours a day and still wakes up at 5 to make it to the 6am class most mornings.  The kids and I are extremely blessed to have a daddy who works so hard to provide for us AND works hard to stay healthy!  He is an incredible role model and man of God!” – Cohee Mastin

And a few others helped us understand Jennie a little better…

“It has been over a year now since Jennie stared working out at Crossfit Throne.  It has impacted her life in a very positive way; from her getting results, to challenging herself mentally.  I believe she is grateful for the encouragement from other athletes and coaches at Throne.  It has shown her what true fitness really is.” – Krista Fortenberry

“CrossFit makes my wife feel more beautiful than I know she already is – especially on our wedding day.  I am very proud of her commitment at CrossFit Throne.” – Don Miller

We are very proud of both athletes!

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