June Athlete of the Month – Jason DuBose and Amy Dillard

Jul 14

JasonD-2 AmyD

The CrossFit Throne June Athletes of the Month are Amy Dillard and Jason DuBose – congratulations you guys!

Over the past 6 months, both athletes have really turned-up the HEAT on their training and nutrition – and even after a 30-day intensive paleo challenge, they re-upped and pushed twice as hard at the box.  As a result, they are more capable athletes, and they are also VERY aware of how much nutrition and recovery play into their results.

When we asked Jason’s wife Trish for her perspective on his journey, she had this to say:

“Six months ago Jason was out of shape.  He chugged Red Bulls and ate very sporadically and very badly.  Jason started working out seriously in January, committing himself to three times a week.  Soon our son Perry was joining him, and even our youngest Phoebe now goes to CrossFit Throne Kids.  Today Jason doesn’t rely on caffeine – he relies on the workout.  He’s better in his body, head, and heart because of CrossFit Throne.”

And when we asked Amy’s husband Davy to give us the scoop on her:

Amy has been impacted by CrossFit Throne in so many ways.  It has not only given her motivation and the drive to push herself, but she also encourages her friends and family to improve their fitness.  She loves to share with others how CrossFit has made her feel good.  Each week she is finding out that her limits are far beyond her expectations, and her results have been outstanding!  Amy loves CrossFit Throne!

We are honored to coach these athletes through their daily workouts; they bring courage, heart, and conviction EVERY TIME.  They have learned a lot about good mechanics and form; they are consistent; and they are getting even MORE INTENSE with each workout!  Thanks for being awesome!

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